798 News

Local 798 will be celebrating our members who have reached the milestone of 25 & 50 years in our Local at the Sunday, February
23, 2020 General Membership meeting, both in New York
Headquarters and our Atlanta Regional Office. We will be handing out the Anniversary Pins to those members in good standing who are able to attend the meetings plus having some celebratory snacks when the meetings adjourn.

25 YEARS -
Steve Battaglia HS/GA
Mitchell Beck HS/NY
Ruth Carsch HS/NY
Pamela Chatman Live Theatrical/MD
Rose Chatterton HS/NY
Jerry DeCarlo HS/NY
Robert Dente Live Theatrical/NJ
Wendy Evans HS/NY
Joanne Gair MU/NY
Lisa-Renay Harrell HS/NY
Lisa Hazell HS/NJ
Steven Horak MU/NJ
Melanie Hughes-Weaver MU/CA
Jennifer Johnson HS/NY
Jon Jordan Live Theatrical/NY
Mary Kahler MU/NY
Renee Kelly HS/NY
Manuela LaPorte HS/NY
Dominic Mango HS/IL
Eydie Marie Martinez MU/NY
James McGough Live Theatrical/VA
Tod McKim Live Theatrical/NY
Anthony Mirante Live Theatrical/IL
Suzana Neziri HS/NY
Brenda O’Brien MU/NY
Rita Parillo HS/NC
Patricia Peek Live Theatrical/NY
Anne Michele Radcliff HS/NY
Mark Adam Rampmeyer HS/CT
Paula Schaffer HS/NY
Gianna Sparacino HS/FL
Tanya Walker HS/GA
Edward Wilson HS/CA
Karl Zundel MU/CA
50 YEARSAllen Weisinger MU/NJ